Artist based in Stockholm



Trailer to a novel I dont know what to mention yet A planet that always spins around a sun A fox that always lives in a forest An unexpected space invation A man that never got anywhere An island where there now lives two children A moon that went out A sun that had to go up

TRAILER, to a novel I don't know what to name yet.

A typical film trailer often starts with a catchy tagline like:

"A man went searching for the truth but found that some memories are best forgotten.", or
"She was dead...But she got better.", or
"Trust a few. Fear the rest."

The structure of these taglines inspired me to make this book. As a trailer this book are ment to function on it´s own. There is no plot just these fragmented stories that let the reader decide if she or he wants to assemble it in to a whole story or read the stories as separate ones.

Writer: Lovisa Henoch
Illustrations: Lovisa Henoch
Form/layout: Lovisa Henoch
Publisher: Lovisa Henoch